Everything Know About Google Allo Chat App and its Unique Features

Google recently launch Google Allo Chat App which is new way of messaging application Like whatsapp , Facebook messenger but it have some unique features which is currently not available in whatsapp and facebook messenger. The Google Allo Chat App is recently launched and crossed 100000 Installs because of its unique features.

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You can run with Whatsapp and facebook messenger, Google Allo Chat App is a also chatting app like these apps but there smart unique features you should download it and enjoy new way of messaging. It have Most amazing features like google assistant , smart reply , You can use your messaging in incognito mode , Cool stickers etc. Currently this feature is not available in any messenger so you need to install Google Allo Chat App for enjoying this unique features.

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It have lots of unique features which we”ll discuss below. Why should we download google allo chat app ? Because it is google application and google Remains second to none. Google applications is always in no.1 so in later version of google allo chat app you get many unique features which will make your chatting overjoyed.

Everything Know About Google Allo Chat App and its Unique Features

Unique features of google allo chat app

This are all unique features which is till not come in any messaging application.

Google assistant

In this features you can ask any question and this will reply your answer instantly on the time of chatting. For example if someone ask you any question at the time of chatting then you can give answer with the help of google assistant without leaving your conversation. You can book Movie tickets, Order online food , Play music , videos and much more with your chatting.

Smart reply

Its very amazing features of allo chat app, because now you can chat or reply without touching screen. It will save your messaging habits and reply according your habits words.

Incognito Mode

When you turn on this feature then your message or your history will not saved in your database. You can also turn off this feature.

Voice typing

You can Type your messages without touching screen by Your sounds. Just speak which you wants to write and the app is automatically type and send.


In this features you edit your photos before sending and adding text on them.


Google Allo chat app uses cool and fancy stickers which make independent artists and studios around the world.


You can easily explain your feelings by sending emotions at the time of chatting which make more enjoy in chatting.

Font size

You can change font size of your messages. You can decrease font size as well as increase. This feature also make more enjoyment in Chatting.

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How to use Google allo chat app

  1. This app is also like other social messaging app like whatsapp , facebook messenger etc its uses your mobile number.
  2. You can Download google allo chat app from play store for your android smartphone.
  3. Install it and Enter your mobile number, It will verify your number by otp.
  4. Then You can enjoy this Unique chatting features.

How Google Assistant works ?

You can view this video how google allo chat app works and how their assistant features gives answer without waste your time.

Final words

You can use this app with facebook and whatsapp. I recommended to use this google allo chat app because its have lots of features which make more enjoyment in your chatting. Don’t forget to share it with your friends so they also know about this app.

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