How to Hack Wps Wifi by Kali Linux or Backtrack Image

I know Many peoples are very excited to Hack Wifi password , So today i”ll share A method by which you can hack Wps Wifi by Kali Linux or Backtrack Image. You don’t need to Install this Operating system In your computer You just Make live cd or pendrive and You are ready to hack wps wifi.

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Its very simple process to hack wps wifi , You need to enter some command and You get Wifi password. After this you can Use Unlimited Broadband internet without invest single Penny. If you know to hack wifi then Your friends Ask You Oftentimes how to Hack wifi password ? In their Eyes You”ll Become King of hacking. After hacked wifi you can use on any device by just entering password, You can also hide your ip so the owner of router Not see You are connected. If they change their pass then follow again all steps to get wifi password. Suppose you are in Your school or college or anywhere and you need internet then you can follow this steps to hack wps wifi and use free internet on this place.

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In our earlier post i shared a android Wps Tester this is root application which hack only Wps wifi But sometime they not hacked because it has only some pins if they not matched then You are not success to hack wifi. But By this Kali linux or backtrack method You can hack wps wifi Because they Match in Sequence Form Like 11111111 , 11111112. Wps Pin is Eight digit pin by which You can get password of wifi Router. We also share one More article to increase wifi range by your old router, If you have wifi password of your neighbors wifi and you don’t get proper signal then you can use your old router to increase your Wifi Signal for proper Internet.

This process is only for educational or fun purpose only . Don’t use for Illegal works otherwise You”ll be responsible for it.

How to Hack Wps Wifi by Kali Linux or Backtrack Image

How to hack wps wifi by android

Firstly try this method because its very easy method to hack wps wifi , If this method is not working then try below pc method to hack wifi . Once you get pass of particular wifi then you can use on any device by entering password.

I hacked many wifi by this android method , Its working on some routers only like Dlink Routers. But If you hacked any wifi and you get Signal problem then Try Our this Method to Increase Wifi range.

Check Hack Wps  Wifi by android.

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How to hack wps wifi by Backtrack or kali linux

If above method is not working for you Then You can hack wifi by this method. From above method you get wifi pass in just 5 to 10 seconds. This Method take more time 4 to 5 hours because this method matched every 8 digit wps pin. Its depend on Wps Pin.


  • Laptop or Pc with Wifi adapter.
  • Good Wifi Range which You wants to hack.
  • Pendrive or Dvd.

How to make Live Bootable Pendrive or Dvd of Backtrack or Linux

  • Download Any one Image file from google ( I recommend to Download Kali Linux ).
  • Now Download Unet Bootin and Boot this Image file To Cd or pendrive.

If you don’t want to boot then you can also run this Operating system by Virtual box or player. You can run this operating with Your windows pc. But in this process your wifi adapter is not supported but you can try it may be works for you.

Boot Your system By pendrive or dvd, Don’t worry your windows files is safe this is live cd.

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Follow this steps to hack wps wifi in kali linux

Enter this commands in terminal to hack wifi, take care of commands.

  1. Find Your name of Wireless adapter by Entering this command in Terminal – [ ifconfig ]( You get wlan0 or mon0 ).
  2. Now we Put our wireless adapter in Monitor mode by type this command – [ airmon-ng start wlan0 ] and hit enter.
  3. Now start Capturing packets enter – [ airodump-ng mon0 ]. You”ll see wifi networks list.
  4. You”ll see also BSSID of wifi networks copy it by Ctrl+C which you wants to hack.
  5. Now open new terminal don’t close this Terminals , In new terminal Enter this command
  6. [ reaver –i wlan0mon -b (BSSID that you had copied) -vv -K 1 ]
  7. And hit enter , After it You”ll see your computer check one by one Wps pin.
  8. Once Wps pin is matched You”ll see password.

I think this is very lengthy process but in this process you definitely get the Any wps router Password.

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Final words

I also hacked many wifi from android method , This is very easy process to hack wifi password. You just need to enter some commands in your linux operating system and you get your any wps wifi pass. If this article is helpful for you then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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