How to Delete or Remove or Uninstall System Apps in Android Mobile

We hope you are all enjoying our tricks and tips , Today we post very useful post who are using android mobile How to delete system apps from any android phone , remove system apps , or completely uninstall which apps is come with any company mobile phone. When we buy new android mobile phone or purchase second one , Lots of software or application is pre installed in it but many apps are useful like Facebook , Whatsapp , calculator so on. In this list of apps many apps are not useful they only eat our ram so delete this applications by our tutorial guide.For example if you buy idea mobile so You get many apps of idea which are not more usable is Pre installed so by this steps you can easily remove this type of apps.

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How to Delete or Remove or Uninstall System Apps in Android Mobile

By deleting this apps you mobile performance is also increase , Your ram can handle more downloadable apps because previous is removed , You can save your storage memory , Make your phone neat and clean After this your mobile have only useful apps , You can easily search your necessary apps , Your mobile is less Hang (This problem which is common in all android mobile ) and many minor problems can be solved by this method.

Actually this process is done by app name Root Uninstaller , This app is uninstall any app from any android phone even you can remove play store from your mobile by this app. So guys follow below steps how to use this app for removing system default apps.

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How to remove delete uninstall system apps

Firstly You need to root Your mobile by Our previous articles or any other method.

  1. Method one to root your android without pc or computer.
  2. Method two to root your android in single click.

Root android mobile without pc

After rooting your mobile phone now you can use easily this app also we give you Paid version of Root Uninstaller so no any type of ads come . If you use free version then you”ll be see advertisements , But you can also use free version for this purpose.

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Now the second step is come to download and install root uninstaller

Paid version – Link 1 or Link 2

Free version – Click here

Get More details – Click here

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Third step is come How to use it ?

This app is easy to use and very good interface. You can use this app like normal android applications. Install and grant root permission and you are ready to use this app.

  1. Open app.
  2. You”ll see many apps in system app category.
  3. Just select which you wants to remove.
  4. And remove the selected app in one click.

Note :- Don’t remove the apps like google services , because they run android system. Only uninstall which is usable and view in menu.

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Features and uses

  • Delete , remove , Uninstall system default or regular applications.
  • You can freeze any app from it.
  • Make backup of any android app in the form apk so you can reinstall later.
  • Reset apps.
  • Quick list of all apps.
  • You can clear data of apps , clear caches.
  • You can get app icon , name , package name details.
  • This app is also run in big screen device such as tablet etc.

Uninstall system apps without root

You can remove pre-installed android apps without any root by your windows pc. Follow below steps to uninstall system apps in your windows pc.

  1. Download debloater app in your pc and install it.
  2. Open it and connect your mobile by Usb cable ( Make sure you enable usb Debugging option in your mobile )
  3. This app automatically detect your mobile and You”ll show all apps which is installed in your mobile including system apps )
  4. Now you can remove apps from the list.

So guys we hope you understand everything about system default apps and how to remove permanently or make back up for later use.

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