5 Simple Steps to ‘Increase Wifi Range or Strength’ of Any Router

Hello Readers we Know that everyone get this problem of Signal Strength. So today we clearly explain you how to increase or boost any wifi Router range or signal Strength in Just 5 Simple Steps. After Increasing Range your Connectivity issue is solved and You can run internet at Full speed , transfer your files between devices by full speed and many more.

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Many times you not get signal in your own home due to big home and your router is placed on Lower area. Another reason to increase wifi range is , you use your neighbors wifi or your nearby wifi but you don’t get proper signal in your Home only working at some places like outdoor. We know many users hack there neighbors wifi by this method How to hack Wps Wifi But Problem is You don’t get proper signal in Your Home or where you wants.

5 Simple Steps to 'Increase Wifi Range or Strength' of Any Router

One day i hack my nearby wifi by Wps Wpa tester , Actually this app hack only some wifi which enable Wps Pin Login so this app match Some pin if you are lucky then they give you password instantly. From this method i hacked one but one problem is come which is Wifi Range i Not get proper signal i get signal only at my Window place. After some days i upset due to connectivity issue and think to increase signals. If your laptop or mobile not get proper signal then they show only limited access in which your device is connected to network but not receive data. After the lots of search on google i finally find to increase wifi range without open up of router Owner. So guys if you also get this types of problems or Related this , then Read this post carefully and increase wifi range.

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Requirements to Increase wifi Range

You need some simple requirements to Use this trick. If you don’t have then buy one.

If you don’t have DD-Wrt Firmware support Router or you want to buy new one then we recommend to Purchase Tp-Link WR840N Router because i have also this one and its working like charm. [ Amazon India | Flipkart | Amazon Worldwide ]

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Next Step is Come to install dd-wrt Firmware on router

After installing Dd-wrt Firmware Your router is changes in to Super router and your Router Features is increased. For this Search on Google you get lots of Method to install Dd-wrt firmware on your old or new router.

How to increase wifi range by dd-wrt firmware

After successfully install dd-wrt firmware follow below steps to increase wifi range , Make sure you have Wifi Password of your nearby wifi. I use this settings in my router to increase signal strength.

  1. Connect your Router to Your lappy or computer system by LAN cable [ You get in product box ]
  2. Open in Your browser and Set username and pass of router.
  3. Now click on SetUp Tab , Select DHCP in Wan Connection Type.
  4. Now change your router ip Address by which you open router admin panel to
  5. Enter in Subnet mask and in gateway
  6. Select your timezone and Click on Save.

Now another step is come to enter hacked or neighbor wifi details in your router. So your router is connected to wifi and make new wifi.

  1. Click on Wireless tab, Choose wireless mode as Client , Enter Wireless Network Name (SSID) which is name of your neighbor wifi [ case is sensitive ]
  2. Now tick mark on advance settings , You”ll get lots of options >> Just select your Regulatory domain as Your Country name.
  3. Now come on Virtual interfaces , Choose Wireless mode as AP , Enter Wireless Network Name (SSID) :- Any name which you want to make your new one wifi.
  4. Hit on “Save” to save this configuration.

Now setup pass in Dd-wrt firmware

  • In Wireless tab , Click on Wireless security.
  • In Physical interface >> Select security mode as Wpa Security or which security mode have neighbor wifi’s.
  • Select WPA Algorithms >> TKIP + AES.
  • Enter Your Neighbor wifi pass in WPA Shared Key.
  • Now come in Virtual Interfaces tab.
  • Do setting as above Just change pass which you wants in Wpa Shared key.
  • Hit on “Save” to save this configuration.

Disable Firewall in Dd-wrt firmware

  • Click on Security tab > Firewall.
  • Select Disable.
  • Hit on “Save” to save this configuration.

You have done all configuration to increase wifi range through your dd-wrt router. Now Hit on “Apply” to apply this settings. Your router will restart in some seconds. Disconnect your lan cable if you wants to connect by Wifi. Now Place your router where you get good range of neighbor wifi. In Few minutes your Router is connected to your Neighbor wifi. Now you can connect with your own created new wifi which you enter details in above virtual interfaces.

We recommend to place your router in Good range so you not get connectivity issue and its works like charm. Actually this method is also called wifi range extender. If you buy range extender then it works only on increase wifi range, but if you purchase dd-wrt firmware support router then you get many benefits like Super router , extender , cheap price.

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Final Words of the post

I posted this because i personally use this technique to increase wifi range at my home. You do this setting once then its works perfectly. By this method you can increase or boost your nearby wireless signals. You can also use free wifi by empty fields in WPA Shared Key. If you like this post , Please share it with your friends by click below social icons.

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