How to Increase Battery Performance Up to 60% in Smartphones

Hello Users , Today we share Battery savings tricks of Your smartphone, By this tips you can ‘increase Battery Performance‘ up to 60% in your Android , Ios , Windows and other smartphones. In today’s Life everyone uses Smartphones but battery performance is a common Issue for everyone. In old Mobiles Battery gives Very good performance, But they are not smart. If you use Smartphone then Fully Read this Post and increase your Mobile Battery Life.

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Actually this is not a tricks , this is small tips to take care when you run your Smartphone. If your battery is giving more performance then You get many benefits like You can Run your Mobile More and more , You can chat on Social Network for Long time , View videos , Play Games etc.

How to Increase Battery Performance Up to 60% in Smartphones

Why Smartphone eat more battery as compare to Old Mobiles

Old mobile gives very good battery life, But smartphone gives Very short Battery life. In Today’s mobiles You can run background apps ,  Multiple tasks , View HD Videos and Many More features which are not available in Old mobiles. So if more and more process is running at same time then they consume High Power.

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Try this Battery Saver Tricks to Increase Battery Performance

After following this All tips You definitely Increase Your Smartphone Battery Performance , And run your mobile phone For Long time. First of all , if your mobile have already Power Saver Mode then Turn it on because they save your lots of battery.

Install Battery Saver apps

You can get many battery Saver Apps from Playstore and Google Just Install This apps and Configure of this apps Setting According to Your Use. By this battery saver apps , Your battery Life is Increases and its run for long time.

Close Apps Which is Not Come In Use

Another thing is Many times We Minimize Apps by Clicking Home button and this apps is Running till we not close it. So Close this apps which are not come in use.

Turn Off the Options Which is Not Come in Use

Turn Off the Wifi , Bluetooth , Location , Gps like Options when they are not come in use. Because they take Huge Power from Battery.

Uninstall Big Applications

In android we see many applications which are hangs our mobile because they are lengthy and big size Application they also take huge battery Consumption.

Kill The background Process

If you are busy and your smartphone is not come in use , Then Kill the Background Process of Your Installed apps. If you not wants to kill the manually this Processes then You can Install Grenify app Which is Kill Background Process of Selected Apps, This app need root permission So Root your Mobile First then Install Grenify to work.

If your mobile is rooted then Check our this post to Uninstall Android Pre installed apps which is not come in Use. By this removing default System apps You can increase Your Battery Life Because System apps is Run in background.

Also Check This Phone Covers Website to Purchase any Brand mobile covers at very Relevant rate.

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Final Words

By following above tips you really ‘Increase Battery Performance of Your Smartphone Up to 50 % To 60 %’. This all methods is free of cost. No need of any special knowledge for Using this tricks. If you like our this post then Share it With your friends and Family so they can also save battery Life of Their Smartphone.

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