Scan Ports Via Nmap ( Tcp Udp Ping ) + Android App Added

How to scan ports tcp udp ping of any network using Nmap. Every one knows by opening any ports in network we can hack this network but question is how to find this open ports so we provide here full tutorials to scan ports by this you can find open ports in your network

Scan Ports Via Nmap ( Tcp Udp Ping ) + Android App Added

This is done by a software Nmap (Zenmap gui windows) Since Nmap perform its best with Unix(command line) because there is less restriction than windows. This happens, for example, when Nping is run under Windows (as Microsoft has disabled raw socket support since Windows XP SP2), or when Nping is asked to send ARP packets. Since in some cases it is necessary to construct ethernet frames, Nping offers some options to manipulate the different fields.

Hint :-You can also scan open ports in your network like airtel idea or other network and after this you can run free internet by open ports by nmd or other vpns

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How to scan ports in Pc Via Nmap

Here is all steps to scan open ports in your network

  1. Firstly Download Nmap software for scan ports
  2. Install and open zenmap on windows
  3. Fill target host (which you want to scan)
  4. Select scan type (Intense scan , regular, ping scan, trace rout, udp scan etc.).
  5. Click on scan
  6. Wait till scan is completed.
  7. That’s it, Scanning Done.
  8. If any ports is open you see it
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How to scan Ports in Android

Just download Android app which scan Ports of Network.

Note :- Firstly connect your pc by network like modem , wifi , by your mobile then scan by nmap to get open ports in your network. Check this post How to make free internet trick of all networks which helps to make new free gprs tricks by scan and use Open ports.

This is for educational purpose only don’t use for any illegal purpose otherwise we are not responsible for it.

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