Pd proxy unlimited trial account usage trick or bypass trial in pd proxy exclusive

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We All Know That There Is 100MB Data limit On PD-Proxy Trial Account. So vlivetricks  Posting a new Method By which you can Use unlimited On PD-Proxy Trial Account with very easy method.Pd proxy is very secure vpn and also fastest vpn and work with all network trick so running of pd proxy  in system is very very neccessary.
but the pd proxy is giving only 100 mb usage but dont worry we come with unlimited trick of pd proxy just using trial account.
We bypass the trial account limit and use unlimited pd proxy so follow below simple steps carefully and get pd unlimited.

Pd proxy unlimited trick :-

Before following below steps you just download pd proxy multi account patcher from here


After download extract this and password of this file is :- vlivetricks.com

How to get unlimited pd proxy using multi account patcher :-

  • Copy Volumeid.exe it to the C:\windows\system32 folder
  • Run Volumeid.exe as administrator.
  • Now open command Prompt as administrator.
  • Now Run PD-Proxy Multi Accounts Patcher for 32 and 64 bit.
  • Click On Generate and Copy The Generated Code as Follows in Command Prompt.
  • Type volumeid.exe C: xxxx-xxx.. ( where x represents Generated Code.) (eg. volumeid.exe C: b7i9-b990) in command prompt and press enter.​ ​
  • bypass trial in pd proxy
  • If you are doing this for first time a new popup window will open and accept the license.
  • Exit the command prompt and Click on Patch On PD-Proxy Multi Accounts Patcher for 32 and 64 bit.​
  • After this restart system
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Process after restart :-

  • Make 2 Or More Free Accounts On PD-Proxy.
  • Extract PD-Proxy 2 times in 2 Folders.
  • Connect With one pd proxy with ur Trial Account.
  • When you reach upto 80-90mb Disconnect to pd-proxy.(Don’t go above 100mb or Trick wont work).
  • Goto 2nd Folder Where you extracted 2nd PD-Proxy and connect with 2nd account.
  • That’s it the 2nd account will give your Unlimited Usage on Demo Servers Until your net Get disconnected.
  • If net disconnects than restart and follow the 2 Folder PD-proxy procedure again
  • Patch and Command prompt Process are only once to be done not again & again.
  • Make as many pd-proxy accounts u can they are free.​
  • Done enjoy pd proxy as unlimited !
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